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Functional TitleOfficial TitleLocationAgencyPublished
Boston/South Regional Field CoordinatorProgram Coordinator IIBostonDept. of Public Health06-30-2015
Health Care Faclty Inspectr IHealth Care Faclty Inspectr IBostonDept. of Public Health06-29-2015
Pharmacy Investigations Team LeaderPharmacist IIBostonDept. of Public Health06-29-2015
Project EngineerCivil Engineer IIBostonDept. of Public Health06-26-2015
Health Care Faclty Inspectr IHealth Care Faclty Inspectr IBostonDept. of Public Health06-26-2015
Public Health Preparedness and Responce ManagerProgram Manager VIBostonDept. of Public Health06-26-2015
Deputy Executive Director, Board of Registration Administrator VIBostonDept. of Public Health06-23-2015
Executive Assistant Program Coordinator IIIBostonDept. of Public Health06-23-2015
Pharmacy InvestigatorPharmacist IIBostonDept. of Public Health06-22-2015
Compliance Officer IICompliance Officer IIBostonDept. of Public Health06-22-2015
Epidemiologist IIEpidemiologist IIBostonDept. of Public Health06-22-2015
Health Care Facility Spec IIHealth Care Facility Spec IIBostonDept. of Public Health06-22-2015
Quality Assurance PharmacistPharmacist IIBostonDept. of Public Health06-22-2015
Bureau Director of Environmental HealthAdministrator IXBostonDept. of Public Health06-22-2015
Senior Deputy General CounselProgram Manager Specialist VIIBostonDept. of Public Health06-22-2015
Epidemiologist IEpidemiologist IBostonDept. of Public Health06-19-2015
Environmental Analyst IVEnvironmental Analyst IVBostonDept. of Public Health06-19-2015
Contracted Student InternsContracted Student InternsBostonDept. of Public Health06-18-2015
Epidemiologist IEpidemiologist IBostonDept. of Public Health06-18-2015
X-Ray TechnicianX-Ray Technician ITewksburyDept. of Public Health06-17-2015
Infection PreventionistRegistered Nurse VBostonDept. of Public Health06-17-2015
Administrative Program CoordinatorProgram Coordinator IIBostonDept. of Public Health06-16-2015
Licensing Unit ManagerAdministrator VIBostonDept. of Public Health06-16-2015
Bacteriologist IBacteriologist IBostonDept. of Public Health06-16-2015
Program Coordinator IIProgram Coordinator IIBostonDept. of Public Health06-15-2015
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